Local SEO on a Shoestring Budget local seo Local SEO on a Shoestring Budget local seo on a shoestring budget

Small to medium businesses like your own often lack the budget for extravagant search engine marketing campaigns. Yet local search engine optimization is crucial to a business serving one concentrated area. You can employ numerous tricks and tactics to ensure that your business is searchable online regardless of your budget, however. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when managing local SEO.

Engage your customers Through Social Media

Gaining and retaining followers on various social networks can guarantee you a solid customer base. The trick to retaining a successful social media following is to roll out your local business SEM strategy.

According to this Search Engine Watch article, unveiling new content constantly is less than necessary. Images are more sharable than lengthy blog posts in today’s fast-paced society. You need only to engage your followers with something funny, captivating or practical, and a picture caption with a clear image will usually suffice.

Creating a community around your product or industry using your preferred social network is also effective. By posting content that is alluring or buzz-worthy, you can create an atmosphere for discussion. Social media users tend to be partial to forums, so they will keep coming back for more , increasing their chances at doing business with you in the future.

When managing your local social media marketing, be sure that you post or share only content that is relevant to your industry. If your business is a rug shop, posting neat images of race cars and robots won’t do you much good in terms of retaining followers.

In order to succeed at social media for local business you need to:

• Focus on one or two social networks
• Engage your audience with shareable yet brief content
• Create topics that influence forum-like discussions
• Post content that is relevant to your industry

Market With Mobility In Mind

A decent local Internet marketing campaign is never complete without a tight business web site. The trick to gaining web traffic that counts toward your local sales is to make your site mobile-friendly.

The consensus among local SEO experts is that most local businesses are sought out on phones and other mobile devices. In order to make your site mobile-friendly, you need to refrain from flashy graphics, “loud” banners and general disorganization.

Employing a lot of Flash in your site will make its navigation sluggish and annoying when browsed on a mobile device. Instead of graphics and captions that whew, opt for a basic layout. Make sure that the following details are clearly visible on your homepage:

• Your physical address
• Your phone number
• A clear link to a price list, menu or catalog

When building your site, ensure that each page is linked to at least one other page. Avoid interlinking all pages, as this alerts spam-seekers and looks tacky to most visitors.

Utilize Google’s Local business Tools

Google+ and Google maps are both essential to your local search engine optimization. Millions of people use Google Maps as a convenient locating tool on a regular basis. If you avoid making the effort to claim your mark via this tool, you might as well be invisible on all other maps.

Google+ is a valuable tool for managing your business’s reputation on a local basis. Google closely monitors reviews left via its social platform, so only authentic testimonials will grace your business page. This will help sway more local customers who might not have otherwise chosen to make use of your services.

Be sure to ask customers to stop by your Google+ page to leave a review, particularly if you are confident that their experience with your company was a positive one. The more natural reviews you have, the more organic your business growth will be.

If you keep these tactics at the forefront of your local SEM campaign, you will not have to splurge on expensive SEO strategists to tag-team your local SEO. If, however, you can use more tips from reputable experts – and let’s face it, why not – Bridgewell marketing is always at your service. We can provide you with tried and true advice in a kind yet productive manner, and we can do so at an affordable price. Give us a call or visit our site today.