Getting Started With Social Media Marketing For Local Businesses social media marketing for local businesses Quick start guide to social media marketing for local businesses getting started with social media marketing

If you are a small to medium size business, your connections with your local area will probably be much stronger than if you were a large enterprise. These connections can be incredibly important, not only for your bottom line but also for the reputation and influence your business has within the local community. Social media gives business owners a wealth of opportunities for keeping in touch with local communities. Follow this quick start guide to social media marketing for local businesses.

1. Choosing the right social media

Your social media options are plentiful. From the ‘classics’ like Facebook and Twitter to newer developments like Google + and FourSquare, there will be something to suit exactly the type of local social media marketing that you wish to engage with. Part of choosing the right type of social media is understanding your customer base. If you sell to youngsters, focus your efforts on Facebook and Twitter. If to market your products you only really need a visual outlet, why not look to Instagram? Check this article out for help deciding which outlet is best for you.

2. Having the right profile information

Many people make decisions about which businesses to shop at by looking at their social media. Every interaction counts. That means that you need to take a good picture that sums up your business, write a clear and concise summary of what you offer, and ensure that contact information is displayed prominently. Help can be found here for Facebook but the principles can be transferred across platforms.

3. Sharing your new social media

The final step in setting up new local social media marketing is actually promoting your new profiles and accounts! Advertise your social media on your product packaging, your website, your shop floor, your offline advertising and anywhere else you get chance.

How can Bridgewell Marketing help?

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